Media & Club News

Well done to ALL members in the Coolock CLub this morning total weight loss of  4 stone 12 pound great achievement and great example for the Clubs. Please all pick up a copy of your local newspaper, The Northside People East and West AND the Gazette Group Swords and Blanchardstown full advert and editorial on Slim 4 Life Clubs and what our members say !!! Also please watch out for NEW Clubs in your area very soon, it is going to members vote this Thursday in Donnycarney wheather to open a Club before the current one from 5.30 – 6.30 ???!!!

Total Weight Loss of CLubs this week !

What a great week for ALL Slim 4 Life members, a total weight loss this week accross the 6 Clubs of 16 stone and 11 pound, what a great achievement for one and all, keep up the good work. All members should have received their text this evening re Mothers Day, enjoy, it is well deserved, but remember Monday is a new day, new week, back on track and see less of you all at your relevant Clubs this week. Clodagh x :)

Club News and Media

Please watch all the papers next week the Northside People East and West and also the Swords and Blanchardstown Gazette, advert and editorials on Slim 4 Life Clubs and also what our members say…….

Congratulations :)

Great achievments this week at all the Clubs, a warm welcome to ALL our new members, great to  have you on board, in last night’s Coolock Club a total of 2 stone 1 pound between the members this week, and tonight in Donnycarney a grand total of 7 STONE 3 POUND this week, well done to all, especially for the week that was in it with Paddy’s Day, you are all a great example to our Clubs, keep up the good work and see less of you ALL next week xxx

Men ONLY Clubs

Hi All, as you will know our Slim 4 Life Clubs are for Men and Women as our programme is a healthy balanced diet, however due to the large number of men joining our Clubs, we have decided to open three men ONLY Clubs accross Dublin, one City Centre, one Northside and one Southside, for any men interested in joining one of our Clubs please email me with your name and area, email to slim4lifecb@gmail.com. All queries are welcomed, hope to see you soon. Clodagh :)

Great Achievement’s

Hi All, great Club this evening in Donnycarney, well done to all, a very warm welcome to ALL our new members its great to have you on board, total full class tonight, not a seat left, i am thinking of having a class from 5.30-6.30, and 6.30-7.30, great achievements for each and every single member, total of 4 stone 10 and 1/2 pounds tonight. No class in Donnycarney next week as it is Paddy’s Day but members are welcome in any of our other Clubs, Monday evening The Recreation Centre, Artane 6.30-7.30, Tuesday morning St Brendans Hall, Coolock Village, 9.30 am -10.30, Wednesday evening St Brendans Hall, Coolock Village, 6.30 – 7.30, but next week will be starting the weigh in earlier at 6.2o in Clubs. All members have a good week and see less of you all next week, and you will see less of me, i have reached my 3rd stone down and have a goal of 1 pound down for next week. Clodagh :)