About Us


Slim 4 Life was set up by Managing Director Clodagh Bury on the 15th November 2010 due to her own success of following the programme and a weight loss of over 3 stone 7 pound. Slim 4 Life is the ONLY  Irish Based Company which is family run which stands out at each Club, each member is very important to us and we take a personal interest in each of our members. Clodagh Bury has over 18 years experience in the slimming industry starting her weight loss journey at 15 years of age,  and has worked for some international Companies, she is a Senior Weight Management Consultant who is fully aware of the emotions, ups and downs that come with weight loss and weight gain.

At Slim 4 Life we call our meeting Clubs and not Classes as we create a friendly and warm environment at each venue and each members forms what the Club is. It is ONLY €8.00 per week, €8.00 joining fee and no missed fee. We do not sell products so there is no hidden charges. Our programme is the Food Pyramid which is a medical programme and the H.S.E. is fully behind Slim 4 Life as an Irish Company,the key is back to basics and portion control, you do  not have to buy special food, each shelf feeds a different part of the body,  no food is a sin, no counting every piece of food which you eat which makes it a much simpler plan to follow and the programme is fully explained at each Club and you also have direct access to Clodagh via mobile, internet, email or facebook who is willing to answer any queries.

We have celebrated our 8th year in business soon to be 9th in November 2019 and we thank all our members for their support and you can browse through our site you will see the exceptional weight loss recorded at each of our Clubs.